Fall 2016


Topics in Computer Sciences: Analysis and Design of Algorithms

Course Outline


The design and analysis of efficient computer algorithms:

Ø  Standard methodologies

Ø  Asymptotic behavior

Ø  Optimality

Ø  Implementation considerations

Ø  Selected algorithms

Ø To appreciate the role of algorithms in problem solving and software design.

Ø To understand the specifications and implementations of standard data structures.

Ø To be able to select among competing algorithms and justifying choices based on efficiency.

Ø To be able to design and implement a program to model a real-world system, and subsequently analyze its behavior.



Ø Assignments

Ø Seminars of selected topics (algorithms)

Ø Report of your study (comparison of different approaches, performance analysis, possible improvement)

Ø 1st Assignment: 15%

Ø 2nd Assignment: 15%

Ø 3rd Assignment: 15%

Ø Seminar: 25%

Ø Final Report: 30%




Ø Introduction to Algorithms (3rd Edition)

T. Cormen, C. Leiserson, R. Rivest and C. Stein

Ø The Algorithm Design Manual (2nd Edition)

S. Skiena

Ø Selected Papers on Analysis of Algorithms